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I and everyone at Energex are deeply saddened to announce the passing of an Industry Giant and friend. On June 11, 2014 Dave Yakuboff - founder of All Basics in Merrimack, NH passed away after a long battle. Twenty years ago we forged a business relationship over two special cigars. It was the beginning of a deep friendship. No one in this industry has affected me in such a profound way. Dave was a brilliant business man who always seemed to be several steps ahead of the competition and never seemed to make a bad decision. We had countless discussions on market trends and market direction and his insight was uncanny. Together, Dave and his brother Paul built one of the most successful Hearth Shops in the United States. But what I learned most about and from Dave goes much deeper than business. I have travelled with Dave and spent countless hours and days with him. His love and devotion to his wife Priscilla and to his entire family was always apparent. I don't think I've ever met a man more devoted to family and all of his children helped build the business to the success it is today.

Dave's annual July 4 weekend celebrations were legendary. He had that rare gift where he could invite 150 people to a house party and each guest was made to feel like they were the special ones. My children and parents were treated like members of the family and many years later they still talk of him in such a positive way.

Each Christmas I'd visit with Dave and he would always say, "Let's call your parents and see how they are doing." He had met them once but that was all it took to bring them into his inner circle of friends.

Each year for the past twenty years I have attended his customer appreciation weekend and each time marveled at the relationship he had forged with customers and friends.

Dave's long illness and ultimately his death were a direct result of exposure to dangerous chemicals while serving in the Navy many years ago. However, he was never bitter and to the end was very proud of serving his country as has his son Dave Jr.

Even as his health deteriorated, Dave continued to serve his community as a Town Councilor and self funded a web site and hot line to help children affected by bullying.

He lived his life to the fullest and likely had an empty bucket list. Dave knew how to live - surrounded by family, friends and laughter.

So many at Energex have been touched by the kindness of Dave and his family and we are remorseful in our loss but grateful that our lives were enriched by his presence. We will forever miss his smile and laughter but we will smile ourselves with the hundreds of great memories we have of this great man! RIP Dave - you have earned it!

Darryl Rose
Senior VP Sales and Marketing
Energex Corporation